About Freesia Designs      

Freesia Designs is a full service floral and event design company regarded for creating highly customized and uniquely tailored weddings and extraordinary events. Known for their fierce attention to detail and timeless, sophisticated designs, they specialize in the luxury market where they have built a stellar reputation for being perfectionists and innovators in their field. FD strives to not only create perfection along each tabletop, but to create a breathtaking overall ambiance throughout the event so guests and clients alike are blown away upon entering one of their signature events. 

Whether beginning the process from the initial event and palette concept or aiding the development of an already chosen aesthetic, FD works closely with each client to ensure that every event is personalized and every expectation is surpassed. 

Meet Candy Pavon      

“Inspired by love and addicted to flowers, specially Peonies, I founded a design studio, based in San Antonio Texas. Specializing in the creation of unique and personalized weddings. I like to transform our client´s vision into beautiful experiences. I found my way into weddings and I have never looked back, so doing what I love the most makes me feel thankful & blessed every.” 

 Candy´s creative flair allows her to constantly invent fresh and imaginative ways to incorporate flowers into special celebrations. 

More than a decade and hundreds of weddings later, her new, clever & modern style for designs brings innovative ideas to floral presentation, integrating colors, shapes, textures, patterns and emotional references to make a truly memorable event.

  • Favorite Wedding moment: The expression of our brides when they see their bouquet for the first time.
  • Favorite flower: Peonies, Tulips & Ranunculus.
  • Favorite food: Soup
  • Favorite drink: Coffee
  • Favorite place: Beach 
  • Favorite Music: Jazz
  • Favorite Quote: It´s the little things in life!
  • Guilty Pleasure: Shoes!
  • Definition of happiness: Love


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